People certainly come for the food. But what sets your restaurants apart is something that’s in the air, not on the plate.
Each diner “needs to believe that they’re the only one in the world that matters,”.
Good service is important but will only get you so far. Hospitality — the quality that makes customers feel good and want to come back — is what counts.
We care about about your customers and strive to keep your restaurant safe and healthy. As a restaurant owner or manager, it is very important that you have all areas of your exhaust systems cleaned properly to avoid heavy grease buildup.

Each year grease fires result in over $100 million dollars in direct property damage in US commercial kitchens. In addition to fires, kitchen grease induced damage includes roof damage and the annoyance of greasy film on neighboring property.

Count on us to thoroughly clean all accessible areas down to bare naked metal. Our Signature Service Keeps Your Kitchen Safe, Grease Free and the Fire Marshal Happy.

Contact us by calling 239-417-0318 for a no obligation exhaust system evaluation and estimate for cleaning. We also offer cleaning of all food service equipment, hard surfaces, awnings and more. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.