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Dear Restaurant Owner:

I hope that you have had an exciting and prosperous season this year. Now that things are slowing down we ask that you take a moment and consider our kitchen exhaust cleaning company.

Hood cleaning is an integral part of your firm’s profitability. I’ve gotten so that I can tell the level of grease build-up from just the smell when I walk through the door. People can sense when a restaurant has unsafe levels of grease residue in the kitchen. The customers seem to unconsciously realize that eating there has to be bad for them in some way.

I have quickly learned that not all companies are alike. In fact, most companies are below par in my opinion when it comes to exhaust cleaning. How do you know if your hood cleaning company is doing a good job? You don’t!

The simple truth about the hood cleaning industry, is that it is full of companies that are out to rip you off.

The difference lies mostly in what the other companies consider “clean”. From what I am seeing, other exhaust cleaning companies clean the inside and outside of the hood, the filters, and the only the area of the plenum that can be seen. On the roof there are some companies that clean the up-blast fans that pull the grease and smoke fumes out of the kitchen and there are some that do not.

Few of these companies clean the chimney or flue. This part of the system is made up of welded galvanized steel ductwork and is designed to withstand intense heat from fire. It is the part of the system between the plenum, the area of the hood behind the grease filters, up to the curb mounted roof exhaust fan.

What I am seeing in most of my appointments is that there is a tremendous amount of grease buildup accumulating on the sides of the flue due to months and years of neglect. The labor to clean the flue is substantial, especially when it hasn’t been kept clean on a regular schedule, so many companies just don’t do it.

And most companies don’t clean the entire plenum area above the filters either. This means that will you have grease dripping from above into the filters almost immediately after they leave. Maybe its time for a change.

Indulge me for a minute of your time and let me explain our methods of a properly cleaned kitchen exhaust system.

First the hood; we clean the inside and outside of the hood just like everybody else. We surround the hood with visqueen plastic and pressure clean with 200° water at 3000 psi. We also clean the fire suppression system nozzles as these sometimes get clogged with grease build-up, too.

Filters; while we are cleaning the hood, the filters are soaking in hot water in your sink. This pre-soak loosens up the solids and grease build up. When we are finished with the roof top maintenance we add special cleaning chemicals to the sink, taking care not to leave any aluminum filters in the chemical bath for too long. The filters are then taken out to our cleaning tub and pressure cleaned with 200° water at 3000 psi.

Plenum; we clean the plenum at the same time as the inside of the hood. Our method includes cleaning hard to reach areas above the filters, and below on some hoods. Wherever there is a metal surface, it is cleaned down to bare metal. In the past it has taken several cleaning visits before we can remove all of the carbonized grease deposits that have built up over months and years of neglect.

Roof Fan; Like other companies, we pressure clean the topside and underneath of the roof fan. The fan is removed from the curb and laid on its side, or tilted on its hinges. We take care to clean the fan blades and remove the grease build up on the surfaces. Annually, we inspect the fan belts and replace on a regular schedule at an extra cost. We also provide free belt replacement if you provide an industrial fan belt during the service.

Flue; We usually start by scraping the heaviest of the grease accumulation using pole scrapers. We utilize your access panels to scrape all areas of the galvanized duct. On occasion we even descend into the duct itself using ladders when the ductwork opening is large enough. On high rise buildings, our trained professionals are lowered into the ductwork on safety harnesses. Then we use special cleaning chemicals and 200° water at 3000 psi to clean all the way to bare metal.

There are many benefits of an exhaust system that has been cleaned to bare metal. First of all, fire protection. Should you choose a company that doesn’t clean the flue and, God forbid, you should have a fire get past the filters you would surely lose valuable income while your kitchen is shut down for repairs. Should the fire spread to the structure, as was the case last year in Boston, serious injury and even death could occur.

Secondly you will save money on your cooking and air conditioning bills. A clean flue means that there is less resistance on the walls of the galvanized ductwork so the air can travel more easily over the surface. When you have grease accumulation built up inside the duct you have a higher drag coefficient. Picture a NASCAR race car in a wind tunnel. The smoke and grease laden air from the equipment is sucked up and out faster and with less energy when it is cleaned to bare metal. This translates into lower cooking costs for propane, lower electric bills for air conditioning and less wear and tear on your roof fan equipment.

When the exhaust system is returned to its optimum working condition you will find that you are using less propane gas to cook with. Seriously, after we clean the exhaust system most gas pilot light’s flame burn higher. When you combine this with our stove cleaning you may have to reduce to amount of gas fuel going to the stovetop to return the pilot light flames to their normal height.

Additionally, there is a drastic improvement in the amount of airflow removing steam and smoke fumes from the kitchen. The staff tend to experience an immediate boost in morale just from returning their kitchen to NFPA 96 safety standards, which translates into better tasting food, and happier/friendlier staff members, which provides a better eating experience for the customers. The comfort issue also has economic consequences in terms of personnel performance and turnover costs.

Lastly, you may qualify for reduced insurance premiums by entering into a 2 year maintenance agreement with our firm. We will work with your agent by documenting our work with digital images and referral letter from the fire department having jurisdiction. Many insurance companies offer discounts to our clients. You may wish to contact your insurance company to inquire if you are eligible.

Our cleaning method takes a large amount of setup work and takes longer to do the actual service, but because the high pressure hot water provides more thorough cleaning job, it is the best way to thoroughly clean exhaust systems.

In summary, regular maintenance of a restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system is one of the most overlooked items in a commercial kitchen. By keeping these systems working at their best, you will economically evacuate the smoke and grease out of the building and have a cleaner, cooler kitchen to work in.

Don’t fall prey to the myth that you must lower the cost of every service to increase profitability. Some expenses are worth the extra cost in the long run. We hope that we have made the case for you to give us a chance.

Our company charges very reasonable rates for hood cleaning, and on many occasions we have taken over accounts for the same prices that our clients have been paying already. Our clients are constantly amazed at the amount of work that is performed and we typically hear that the previous company only took a couple of hours.

Commercial Kitchen Systems, LLC is the leader in providing you with the best choice of kitchen exhaust cleaning. If you are considering a change to your current situation we ask that you contact us first.

For the Firm,

Michael Baril

Commercial Kitchen Systems, LLC

5619 Wendy Lane

Naples, FL 34112




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We care about about your customers and strive to keep your restaurant safe and healthy. As a restaurant owner or manager, it is very important that you have all areas of your exhaust systems cleaned properly to avoid heavy grease buildup.

Each year grease fires result in over $100 million dollars in direct property damage in US commercial kitchens. In addition to fires, kitchen grease induced damage includes roof damage and the annoyance of greasy film on neighboring property.

Count on us to thoroughly clean all accessible areas down to bare naked metal. Our Signature Service Keeps Your Kitchen Safe, Grease Free and the Fire Marshal Happy.

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